How To Get Noticed?


Well friends, worry no more! ‘Cause starting from now, I will be checking on websites and services who can offer you the best quality results you are aiming for!

Not all people who are lurking here on the world wide web are familiar with the terms, the do’s and don’t’s and even the how-tos on how to create large audience especially if they’re in the shopping industry. Yes, you are an entrepreneur, but you could have plain zero experience on how to manage your social media assets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even your websites for business. Yes, you could have been the best entrepreneur when it comes to generating what products to sell, but you are absolutely not aware of the marketing tactics and even the ways on how to produce a large number of sales. But, like what I have mentioned earlier, I will help you throughout it.

I have stumbled upon several sites and examine how their websites appeal to as a blogger like me (if they are user-friendly and easy to navigate) and what services do they offer or if they can really help you out with your primary concern of “getting noticed in this world of social media”.

When I was comparing the sites, SocialStinger suddenly came up to the spotlight.


The social “bee” with a cape on really caught my attention. It looks like he’s a superhero so I assumed that engaging with this company is like “saving” your social media exposure and “leaving it all up to them” kind of strategy when it comes to marketing.
If you’re truly looking for a website that can support you through all your social media platforms, I would strongly recommend SocialStinger, not simply because it catches my attention and dived into my diminutive neurons instantly but because these bees literally work like bees! And when I say “work like bees”, they are as fast as you can imagine and always come up with positive and concrete results (Yes! Concrete, with figures). They will not leave you hanging like what your ex-partner did to you! (Kidding aside!)

There are 5 MAIN REASONS why I instantly fell in love with SocialStinger and of course, I would share those 5 main reasons to you so you would be aware what you’re missing out!


As a personal blogger, I love to read and search for blogs that cover different types of niches. From travel, dating and relationships, inspirational and lifestyle blogs and even (lately) e-commerce websites and online stores, I regularly check if the website is easy to navigate or easier to understand. It’s one of the main factors that is leading the customer to keep going back using your service. When I first used SocialStinger, I didn’t get any problem while reviewing the services and loading the website on the web browser on my computer and even on my mobile phone’s browser. It only means that the website is fully responsive! When I say fully responsive, it can readily adjust to changing browsers and it would always fit your screen or basically your computer or mobile’s resolution.

You won’t have a single thought of closing the browser of your phone while scrolling up and down because it won’t get stuck up unless your phone or computer is running out of memory (well, that’s another issue then).


An awesome static home page is the bomb on every website! If you have the talent to showcase all your services on one page, then you are absolutely the god in this website-making industry where most website owners fail to do so or pay attention to. SocialStinger will show you what do they offer, what they already offered to previous customers, even client’s testimonials, and a very catchy “call-to-action” lines on how to be one of the satisfied customers of their awesome services on their homepage. Yes, they still have separate pages for what they really offer and their prices but they will give you an overview of what they actually do on their front page and I must say that they nailed it!



Every time I visit a website, I always look for the reason why this website is up – the main reason why it’s running and what are the benefits of getting their product or even signing up for their newsletter. Every time I click a page on a certain website, I will check and ask myself if I need their offer, but with SocialStinger, you would definitely ask yourself a different question, especially if you’re a businessman who is trying to build up his audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on your business websites.
I am 100% sure that you will ask yourself, “How can I get to their customer service?” because there’s no second opinion needed! You will get caught off-guard of the offers and you will surely love to sign up right away!
Are you having problems on how to generate ads on your Facebook pages? (Or even on how to manage them since you’re a busy person and a family man?) Are you having a hard time generating traffics on your business website because you believe you lack the powers of SEO, writing skills and you think you are poor on designing and graphics? Do you have issues on Shopify because it’s eating you alive and you need tremendous help from a Shopify Expert?

Social Stinger have it all!

These are the main reasons why (just a glimpse of what it looks like):

Regardless of what you choose, you will get what you deserved – and that is satisfaction as a client of SocialStinger!


They offer Facebook Branding Services (starting from $167-$297),  and E-Commerce setup!

All you have to do is to navigate the site, read the FAQs and if you still have further clarifications with the services they offer, chat them right away.

Since not all customers or clients have a lot of time juggling on information and FAQs, online chat support or e-mail would be really helpful and SocialStinger also have it! You can simply input your information and there’s a live agent that will be able to assist you regarding your concerns.
I personally love online chat features (I’ve been a live chat agent and being one is really helpful) since I don’t like being on the phone while browsing the internet. But still, SocialStinger has the option for you to leave your e-mail address and phone number details in case you are in a hurry or needs to get off the computer but also needs an immediate answer. Just click here to leave your contact details.
Yes, not all testimonials are true (some are made up) for other websites just to show they’re performing but SocialStinger has the testimonials PLUS accurate results. This website shows how precise the results are. It also has a list of websites they set up and provided services.
And of course, these websites are up and running and not fake just for the purpose of marketing their services. These sites are live and on-the-go and still performing on their respective niches. Look how awesome SocialStinger is! This team of bees is really performing and delivering great results in Social Media Management!

I would love to write a much longer article than this, but I believe YOU have to check SocialStinger by yourself so you can start building up your success with them. Don’t get scared that you won’t get an answer from them within an hour because (this is just our secret) they reply as fast as a bee! Like this, BZZZZZZZZZZ!

If you happened to have a website who offers Social Media Management, don’t hesitate to contact me for a review. I would love to do one! Ciao!


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