Grand PNY Event: Dying Hope [Book Launch]

I know you’re dying… but please, please stay alive for me. Stay alive for Him.

What is Grand PNY Event?

Grand PNY Event is the first [and last] major gathering Project NY since 2014. Yes, this organization is already in the industry for more than 2 years (going 3 years in May) and this is our first ever gathering wherein we will be having a workshop and a [an intimate] dinner.

The event will be held at The Hollow Box at BF Resort Village in Las Piñas City. Our food will be sponsored by Choco La Bella. The event will be divided into two parts. The first part is the workshop from 1PM until 4PM and the dinner proper will start at 6PM until 8PM.

What’s with the Workshop?

At the workshop, the participants/attendees will get to meet our guest speakers. They will be having a short talk about certain topics and also… there will be an on-the-spot writing contest for the attendees. Sounds cool, right? Of course! There will be snacks and lots of snacks (again!). After that, we will be having a short private launch for our books. This includes my book, Dying Hope.

What about Dying Hope?

If you have read this blog, I mentioned there how ‘Dying Hope’ has been written. How I started and how I finished it within 48 hours. Yes, in just 48 hours.

Now, after winning the PNY Battle 2 contest of Nayin and being one of the New Voices on the last Watty Awards, Dying Hope is taking the next step. I honestly didn’t expect these awards for the story this year but I am really overwhelmed by this recognition. I don’t know how to say thank you to everyone who believes in me, and for those who are always there to support me no matter what.

Since I got the 3rd place on the Second PNY Battle, Dying Hope is included on the few titles that are going to be available in our event. Basically, it’s a private book launch. We [KPNY Self-Publishing (Nayin and Kevz business)] decided to print 5 limited copies for the attendees and we’re still under negotiation if there will be a POD basis for the books by next year (yes, it will still depend on our decision when it will be available for other readers so everyone need to stay tuned!).

Are there changes with Dying Hope’s book version?

Yes, there is. The copies that will be distributed on the 17th already have changes in it. But… I am also planning to have quite changes with the version we will be publishing by next year, only if the self-publisher will agree (hopefully).

Are you going to sign the copies on the event?

Of course, I will. You can also get a picture from us (my family) lol.

Are there other stories aside Dying Hope that will be available on the event?

Of course, there is. We have lots of hidden gems at Project NY and you will be surprised by how many undiscovered authors we do have. Other stories include Institute of Happy Thoughts, Pangako ng Singsing, Kaleidoscope, Escape to Fantasy, The Angelic Conflict, Corpus Delicti, Lumutang Lumangoy, and Life: A Rainbow by Nayin.

By the way, I read a very informative article about writing. You can check here as well how you can write a 20-page (whether it’s a report or whatnot) in one night. Interested? Click here.



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