What is Online Writing?

I have talked to someone recently and they asked me what I was doing for the past few months that I am not working in the office. Basically, people are really curious to what keeps me busy aside from taking care of my baby. They often said that “You should get yourself a nanny so you can work at the office”, or, “What? You’ve got to be kidding me. You won’t earn from writing!” And the most abused words I usually get a lot, “What is online writing? Do you really earn a lot by writing? I thought you’re just selling stuff online.” And the list goes on…

First of all, I want to clear everything up, I am not selling anything online. Of course, I do have friends who are online sellers. I respect those friends of mine. That’s their business. And that’s different from my job. I honestly believe that I don’t have the guts to market stuff online that’s why I realized I won’t have enough courage to be an online seller. Not soon, maybe in the near future but not at this time.

Online selling is way, way, different from what I am doing. Online selling is an online business. Online writing is an online job. By job, I still have a boss, though, however, the only difference is, by writing, I get to work at my own pace and on my own set schedule. Still, I have a deadline to meet but I won’t need to stay in front of the PC 8 hours a day just to write a blog or an article for someone. I can finish an article within 3 hours or less depending on the complexity of the subject.

So, what is online writing?

Online writing is a very broad topic I must say. There are different topics that are under online writing. There are academic writing, creative writing, business writing, and even technical writing. Academic writing includes thesis writing, scientific research, research writing, and even academic essay writing. However, Creative writing includes stories, poems, creative essays, novels, and even play and anecdotes. There are also business letters and other technical writing essays that are needed to be written.

Online writing is not just writing a mere blog like this but it’s also important to remember how those piece of literature can help a lot of students and even professionals.

Are there any platforms who offer online writing services?

Yes, UpWork has numerous job ads wherein you can find a client who’s looking for an online writer who can write different articles depending on what is the client’s business. Onlinejobs.ph also offer jobs like these.

While checking on other platforms, this website caught my attention. The specific article discusses what is online writing and why is it important. Also, they did not just post articles like those, they also offer online writing services to students and even professionals who are in need for their assignment as the respective individuals.

I learned a lot from this site and I am sure I would do different articles in response to theirs. I am really interested in getting in touch with their CEO.




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