Before I Do Anthology [Book Launch]

Around late second quarter of this year, I got an invitation from Nayin asking if I can write a non-fic story. She said she has been invited by Kath, the author of Before I Do, to work with an anthology but for some reason, she wants to recommend me since the work should be written in English and she said that she believe I can write one well.

Being the most pessimist person in the universe, I asked myself first if I can really write a single prose in English that is well – decent. Before sending a message to Kath, I assessed myself first. I asked my inner-self, numerous times if I can write under pressure since I only write poems in English.

The moment Kath replied to me, I got nervous. She asked me if I can show her a sample work written in English so I redirect her on my Wattpad account where I usually store my English essays and poems that were written back when I was still in college. Fortunately, I passed her assessment. If someone will ask me how, I really don’t know – but I feel blessed because of it.

She sent me the proposal letter for the project and we agreed on the terms written on it. After that, I started writing my piece which is an anecdote about real life situations about love and relationship. It is actually a real life story of mine.

What do you think is the best part of writing the essay/anecdote?

The best part of writing it is I’ve got to write what’s in my heart and on my mind at that very moment. Also, I learned a lot from the comments and suggestions of the editors regarding my piece. Plus, I had the best experience with my co-writers and got the best publisher which is always willing to help.

What is your advice to those who are only starting their career in writing?

Never give up. Writing is a never-ending journey for us. If you love writing, you won’t give up on it easily. Your love for writing is like your love for your partner. If you truly love the guy, you won’t easily get swayed by rumors and bad experiences. You will stand tall – amidst the journey of finding true love. You will stand tall, despite the negative things you are going through.


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