My Freelancing Journey [2]: Myths

“San ako magsisimula?” (Where should I start?)

“Pa-refer naman ako, ang swerte mo sa client mo, e.” (How lucky! Can you refer me?”

“May hiring ba sa inyo? Gusto ko na lang mag-freelance. Malaki pala kinikita mo d’yan, e.” (Is there any vacant position on your team? I wanna be a freelancer, too. I’m sure your earnings are stable and that will make you rich!)

At marami pang iba… pero ano nga ba ang katotohanan sa lahat ng ‘yan?

There are so many myths circulating through social media about freelancing. They often said that freelancing is an easy task or an easy job. Who would not love to be at home and just be in front of the computer for more than 4 hours or so and earn bucks? Of course, everyone would love to be a freelancer especially once they hear that most of the freelancers don’t pay taxes – yes, even if they should.

I met someone just recently and she asked me how much I am earning as a freelancer. I told her that I am earning fine as an extra money for the household (to pay bills, buy groceries, and emergency funds).

Sabi pa niya, “Ang galing naman! Paupo-upo ka lang sa bahay, kumikita ka na.” And I was like, “Really? Do you think I am just sitting in front of my computer to make money? Of course, I am still using my head – especially my brain. So that would not be a problem if I earn enough – but more than what I am earning outside the home.

Someone also said, “Ay, home based work mo? Yayaman ka na niyan!” I honestly don’t know how to react. If I will be able to answer them and tell them the truth that there’s no easy money especially in freelancing.

When I started doing online jobs a few months ago, I am well aware that it’s not easy to earn money even if you’re JUST at home. There are also uncertainties.

Ano nga ba ang mga akala ko dati ay totoo pero hindi naman pala?

  • Akala ko, ‘pag meron akong UpWork, darating o dadagsa na lang ang invitation for interview sa account ko. Pero maling-mali ‘yun. Hindi ‘yun totoo. Hinding-hindi mangyayari ‘yun lalo na kung bago ka pa lang sa platform na ‘yun. Bukod sa maraming kakompetensya, marami ring hindi mag-iinvest ng oras sa account mo lalo na kung wala namang laman ito.
  • Akala ko dati, kung ano lang work experience ko, ‘yun lang pwede kong apply-an. But yes, again, I am wrong. Hindi porke ang previous experience ko ay Customer Service, ma-i-stuck na ako sa Customer Service forever. Maraming ibang field na pwede mong apply-an lalo na kung alam mo naman ang mga ‘yun.
  • Akala ko dati, kelangan kong hintayin na magreply ang inapply-an ko, pero hindi pala. Yes, you don’t need to wait for them. If they didn’t reply overnight, go ahead and send proposals to different job ads again. That wouldn’t hurt you.
  • Kailangan super formal ang cover letter dahil nag-a-apply ka nga ng trabaho, e. NO. Yes, you can write a decent proposal letter/cover letter but you don’t need to say, “Mr. Client, I am very much interested blah blah” You can talk to him freely. Check first what kind of client he or she is before submitting your proposal through the reviews. You can usually use their first name while writing because apparently most of the clients hate being called ‘Boss’.

Bukod sa mga ito, marami pa akong napansin na akala ko dati totoo, pero hindi pala. Pero dahil I am a bit sleepy na, I’ll leave it for tomorrow. Now, you can read this article for you to learn how to write a decent cover letter.

If you have requests topics na gusto niyong isulat ko, don’t hesitate. Just let me know here.



    1. Hi, fellow mom! Ako rin po natutuwa. Lately lang din ako nag-blog dito so nakakatuwa pag may nakakausap ako na ganito. Hopefully po magawa niyo po. Thank you for reading! ❤️

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