Planning [to offer services] in a week~

I have been busy these days with work and content writing. I attended a workshop and gathering yesterday. I might blog about that later. 

Someone has been asking me multiple times as to how I work with UpWork. What kinds of project do I have and how do I handle them. So basically, they are asking about my work.

I always explain that I am writing. Some believe, most of them didn’t. The alway get discouraged of freelancing whenever I mention writing. I don’t know if it’s really scary or maybe it’s just not their line of work.

So, yes. I decided that I will put up this blog wherein I can accept writing services and even projects wherein they [potential clients] can ask me what to do. 

As a starter, I will offer essay writing services, powerpoint presentation, research writing [not thesis], poems and even anecdote writing.

I found a cool powerpoint presentation guide at Prescott Papers and I found it very useful. I’m sure you’d love to check it!


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