Resume Writing

Someone asked me what is the difference of getting hired through the office and homebased. I said there’s no big difference. You will be both go through into an interview, the only thing that differs is that homebased workers get interviewef through audio call or video call/conference.

But how can you be shortlisted for interview?

All of us has gone through a series of interview before getting hired. But before entering the interview process, you will still need to pass a resume to the recruitment officer in order for you to passed the first stage and go on with the question and answer portion with them.

What is a resume?

A resume is your overview to your skills as an applicant. It contains your experience and everything in between that is related to work. 

How to write an effective resume?

I have a lot of friends asking me this question. First, why do you need to write an effective resume? You need to write an effective resume in order for you to get accepted. 

But how to write one?

First, consider your recruiter. Ask yourself who’s going to read it and what are you applying for? 

Recruiters are really busy. They are scanning numerous applicants in a day and generic resumes being submitted are almost the same. They usually throw those resumes into their trash bin. And yes, that’s the harsh truth.

I read one good article on how to create the winning resume you are looking for.

You can check it here. I’ve been following that blog for quite sometime now and I learned a lot from them.


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