CV vs Resume: The Difference

You can check how Prescott writes CVs here. But first of all, how can we differentiate CVs from resume?

Good question.

The main difference is the length and its content.

What is a curriculum vitae?

It is the summary of the applicant’s experience and skills. A CV usually includes experience and awards since grade school and all of the achievements you can brag about even if it happened long time ago. 

It is usually two to three pages long and you can see the summary of the job’s experiences of an applicant.

How about a resume?

Meanwhile, a resume is a summary as well of education, work hisyory, credentials, important accomplishments and your assets or skills. Not all resumes include objectives or summary statements in the beginning but some do. It is typically one-page long only and often bulleted. There are different types of resume.

So, basically, they only differ in length and content but still showcase skills that you want your employer to know about.


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