DBSK series [Stories #4]

I’ve been planning to write a DBSK fanfic since 2014 when I deleted ‘A Piece of Her’ on Wattpad. I really want a whole new world for my Dong Bang fam but yes, I am really busy that I have no time to write… up until now. 

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I love Yoochun… even if there’s a lot of accusation lately about him. I still support him though. 

Life has been so cruel to him and I know he’s been through a lot. I hope he’s fine now. 

I already have names for the guys but still looking for subjects for the lead girls. Again, anothr trivia, I always have a difficult time thinking about names and titles than writing the plots. Silly yes, but most of the time, I based my plots on songs and other people’s life stories. Hehe. So basically, it’s not always pure fiction. 

I am planning to write this series by end of 2017. If time… permits.



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