Vera Series [Stories #1]

Note: I am having fun reading articles like this overnight lol

Someone asked me when I am going to finish all of my ongoing stories and honestly, I can’t answer that question coz I am sooo busy right now and I am currently working with a new major novel entitled Somber Lights.

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However, of course, like what the title says, there will be a series of stories that I am going to write under VERA’s. If you haven’t read Dying Hope yet, Vera is a band and there are 6 members. Luke (from Dying Hope), Myko, Yka, Alexa, Jazz, and Kiko. Since I have finished Dying Hope, I might write the remaining five stories for the band members by March next year (if time permits). 

I am really rooting for Myko’s story because yeah, the band has been checking on him and Alexa but of course, I am unpredictable. I can kill him with a dagger and leave Alexa weeping all day long lol, kidding. But yes, this is one of a kind series and this will evolve with music. So if you’re a music lover turned writer, this series is for you. You might wanna check on Dying Hope to see how morbid I am to my characters. 😂😉


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