[Goodreads Review] [Book Review] Colors

ColorsColors by Roy Calimlim
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Colors
Language: English

This book is something… really something. I recently mentioned that I personally don’t like stories with the oh-so-happy endings, so I really preferred novels with the protagonists dying. It always give me a sense of satisfaction everytime I learned that the main character is going to die anytime soon in the course of the story.

So, I think, I liked the book because of that part. Lol.

This is written again by a fellow writer from PNY – Roy. He’s good in writing English but there are times that I feel lost. Not that I don’t understand the words but maybe because of the metaphors and too deep words used in each chapters. Sometimes, it takes minutes for me to digest the sentences and relate them one by one, nonetheless, I still like how he bring up depression and dying all at once in this story giving the readers room to think to not bully those depressed or sick people.

This is a light read for me and I am hoping Roy could write in Filipino so I can see how is his writing style would affect me as a reader.

P.S. My favorite scene is the epilogue. I cried a little on the letter. Way to go, young fella! Write more! 🙂

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