Jeremy Video



“Old school media doesn’t like internet personalities because they’re scared of us,” said Pewdiepie.

This clip is a reaction video made by PewDiePie, something you guys should watch right now. This is about his reaction regarding the videos that has been done by medias to attack him, to discredit him because they are simply annoyed by his personality and they want to bring him down.

He believes that media is just doing this because they hate him so much because of his weird sense of humour and his jokes are way too off. He also mentioned he is sorry if his jokes are annoying but he still insists that they were not meant to harm anyone if it does. He understands that he made some jokes that people really don’t like and even acknowledge that people don’t want it and he believes that it’s still okay.

For his last message, he thanked his supporters and tell Wall Street Journal, “Nice try, Wall Street Journal. Try again, mthrfckr”


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