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[Goodreads Review] [Book Review] Before I Do by Kath Eustaquio-Derla

Before I DoBefore I Do by Kath Eustaquio-Derla
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just finished reading Kath’s iconic
Before I Do
novel. I bought this last year (December 2016) at the Before I Do Anthology book launch we had at Books & Borders Cafe (forgot to let her sign it coz she’s too busy). Well, like what the description said, Kit Castille is a mean girl. And by mean – SHE’S REALLY MEAN.

Light Read

I would post spoilers if I have to review the whole book. All I can say is that I enjoy reading it. For me, it’s a light read. It’s short but meaningful and relatable.

You will surely look for the next installments.

It’s kinda have this cliffhanger-ish effect at the ending – something I am always looking for a book. I hope I could find the time to read the other two books that comes with this trilogy.


Hi, Kath! Add your book here in Goodreads. It’s worth it. ♥

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[Goodreads Review] [Book Review] A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

A Thousand Boy KissesA Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know how to write a review for this book. Honestly, I cried a lot while reading this. I even postponed reading until the last page but just yesterday, I decided to flip the pages of my ePub book version on my phone and gave it a try. I told myself, “You don’t have to be so sad coz it’s already written in the past few chapters that it will happen so cheer up!” but then, that ending gave me a mini-heart attack! Darn it. I didn’t expect that!!!!!

Tillie Cole, you broke my heart. I don’t think I will read another book from you after this one (just to move on from sadness, but definitely, will read another one in the next few months, but —- NOT NOW!) Please understand.

So, yeah. This is basically a rant rather than a decent review because all I can say is… I have lots of questions hanging in there for Rune but then he left me with that ending.

That ending made my heart completely burst.

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[Goodreads Review] [Book Review] Memories by Lang Leav

MemoriesMemories by Lang Leav
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not really into poetry or short prose – book, I am more of a novel reader. But this book is sooooo good I can’t contain my emotions after reading this. It’s like Lang Leav’s connected to every pages of my life and she’s been writing it for a long time.

I have few favorites. These are the following:

Hope ~

When love finds you, it doesn’t come with crashing waves or thunderbolts. It appears as a song on the radio or a particular blue in the sky. It dawns on you slowly, like a warm winter sunrise—where the promise of summer shines out from within.

We number our days and divide our seasons. We endlessly define what it is to be in love. When in truth, spring blurs into summer and always has, long before that line was ever drawn. Your love for him is the same—it runs wild and free. Like the air around you, it stretches all across the world, it does not leave a single thing untouched. You carry that love with you, like a bright and blazing beacon, a straight line from your heart to his. And it keeps alive that aching, throbbing hope, that somewhere in the world, there is a cafe and within those walls, he is there, hoping just as much as you.

Souls ~

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to be with one another.

This is the reason why you miss someone so much when they are not there—even if they are only in the very next room. Your soul only feels their absence—it doesn’t realize the separation is temporary.

Her Words ~

Love a girl who writes
and live her many lives;
you have yet to find her,
beneath her words of guise.
Kiss her blue-inked fingers,
forgive the pens they marked.
The stain of your lips upon her—
the one she can’t discard.
Forget her tattered memories,
or the pages others took;
you are her ever after—
the hero of her book.

I love you, Lang Leav! ♥

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Jeremy Video



“Old school media doesn’t like internet personalities because they’re scared of us,” said Pewdiepie.

This clip is a reaction video made by PewDiePie, something you guys should watch right now. This is about his reaction regarding the videos that has been done by medias to attack him, to discredit him because they are simply annoyed by his personality and they want to bring him down.

He believes that media is just doing this because they hate him so much because of his weird sense of humour and his jokes are way too off. He also mentioned he is sorry if his jokes are annoying but he still insists that they were not meant to harm anyone if it does. He understands that he made some jokes that people really don’t like and even acknowledge that people don’t want it and he believes that it’s still okay.

For his last message, he thanked his supporters and tell Wall Street Journal, “Nice try, Wall Street Journal. Try again, mthrfckr”

[Goodreads Review] [Book Review] Colors

ColorsColors by Roy Calimlim
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Title: Colors
Language: English

This book is something… really something. I recently mentioned that I personally don’t like stories with the oh-so-happy endings, so I really preferred novels with the protagonists dying. It always give me a sense of satisfaction everytime I learned that the main character is going to die anytime soon in the course of the story.

So, I think, I liked the book because of that part. Lol.

This is written again by a fellow writer from PNY – Roy. He’s good in writing English but there are times that I feel lost. Not that I don’t understand the words but maybe because of the metaphors and too deep words used in each chapters. Sometimes, it takes minutes for me to digest the sentences and relate them one by one, nonetheless, I still like how he bring up depression and dying all at once in this story giving the readers room to think to not bully those depressed or sick people.

This is a light read for me and I am hoping Roy could write in Filipino so I can see how is his writing style would affect me as a reader.

P.S. My favorite scene is the epilogue. I cried a little on the letter. Way to go, young fella! Write more! 🙂

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[Goodreads Review] [Book Review] Institute of Happy Thoughts

Institute of Happy ThoughtsInstitute of Happy Thoughts by Rizza Mhay Dera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Institute of Happy Thoughts
Author: Rizza Mhay Dera
Language: Tag-Lish

I started reading it February 22 until 27 so this came for my February reads. I am not really good in reading stories that got ‘happy endings’, I don’t know but I love it when characters die at the end of each novel or even in the middle of their journey.

This story is written in Filipino and by one of my co-writer from PNY. So, since this is written in Filipino, I am going to start reviewing it in Tagalog.

Nagustuhan ko kung paano nai-portray ang mga tauhan at hindi rin naman naging magulo ang mga eksena dahil hindi naman ganoon karami ang tauhan na ginamit. Si Denice, Kian, Ms. Anna, ‘yung kuya ni Denice at ate niya, pati na rin si Rita – at si Alex.

Maayos ang pagkaka-deliver ng mga salita. Iyon nga lang, may mga paragraphs na bigla na lamang mag-si-shift ang mga salita sa English na parang biglang natatabunan agad ‘yung thought ng Filipino sentences sa mga nauna kasi sobrang lalim ng hugot nung mga English sentences. Hindi naman ako against sa pagsulat ng Tag-Lish, iyon nga lang, parang nag-iiba lang ang mood ko kapag bigla ay nag-iiba ang tono ng mga salita dahil nagpapalit ng lenggwahe. Kadalasan, sa dialogue, puro English. Hindi masama, pero ‘wag sana sobra.

Nagustuhan ko ang pagkakabilang ng nobela sa category ng Fantasy. Kakaiba ang tema ng kwento at nagustuhan ko kung paano nilahad ng author ang simbolo ng mga pinto sa buhay nina Kian at Denice at kung paano nila mahahanap ang mga sarili nila sa lugar na hindi nila alam kung bakit may mga kakaibang bagay gaya ng Institute of Happy Thoughts. May mga pagkakataon lang na medyo nakulangan ako sa mga eksena – na parang nag-eexpect pa ako na mayroon pang mas higit doon pero hanggang doon lang pala (sa parteng iyon, masasabi kong maiimprove pa iyon ng author).

I liked the story, but not the ending lol. Siguro dahil I love tragic endings…
(view spoiler)

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Trapped With You Series (?) [Stories #5]

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Sobrang daming nagtatanong kung gusto ko pa bang dugtungan ang Trapped With You. Laging tinatanong kung anong balak ko sa mga characters ko. Laging may nagtatanong kung hanggang dun na lang daw ba talaga ang Affaire de Honneur. 

Lagi ko ring sagot, “Opo. Hanggang dun na lang po.”

Honestly, two books lang talaga ang plano ko sa buhay ni Aaron at Kate. Pero itong post na ito ay hindi ibig sabihin na daragdagan ko ang libro. Gusto kong ayusin talaga kung gagawin ko bang isang libro lang o dalawa pa rin pero marami akong babaguhin. 

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Nasimulan ko na ang book 1 sa Wattpad at marami na akong nabago sa umpisa pa lang. As of now ay ongoing ang changes sa plot nito. Kung ano ang naging ending ay yun pa rin. May mga babaguhin lang ako sa bandang gitna pero sa mga nakabasa na, asahan niyong hindi magbabago ang pagka-morbid ko sa dulo. Mas lalo pang magiging morbid. Kung naiyak na kayo dati sa semi-jeje, sisikapin kong ayusin ang kwentong ito to a not jeje story na hindi naman sobrang formal na parang nagbabasa ka ng academic textbook sa sobrang formal.

Gusto ko lang tanggalin ang mga di na kailangan. Gusto ko lang dagdgan ang sakit na naramdaman niyo na. At gusto kong baguhin at pagandahin ang mundo nila.

Bigbang Series [Stories #3]

By the way, I am not a fan of Bigbang, but I listen to their songs. I don’t know if that make sense, but I just want to say I am not a VIP lol. Yes, I listen to any Kpop singer but I can’t really call myself as a multifandom supporter cos I really support SS501 and DBSK only.

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However, I have lots, lots of friends who are VIPs and they’re requesting a fanfic with the boys so yes, I think I will be writing one in the following months. I’ll start with TOP of course, then GD, DaeSung, TaeYang and SeungRi.

I just need to feel their vibe since I’m not really into hiphop music and I am running out of plots in mind. 

If you’re a VIP, would you love to be inside my fanfic? Yes? Why? 

Please let me know.

I have a friend who really loves TOP and another one who loves GD as well so I might pair them up. I’ll pair myself with Seungri cos yeah, I have a thing with rappers… and if anyone of you likes to be pair up with DaeSung or TaeYang, just send me a message. 

Yesterday series [Stories #6]

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I have been writing Yesterday’s plot since 2014, but until now, it’s not yet finished. Disappointing, eh? Ilang beses ko na in-unpublish ang kwentong ito at ilang beses ko nang binago ang POV pero lagi na lang akong tumitigil pag nasa gitna na ako at nawawalan ako ng gana. Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero madalas, nakakairita na. Kaya itinigil ko na lang at sa di ko na mabilang na pagkakataon ay in-unpublish ko ulit ang kwento.

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Wala akong magawa pero hindi ko talaga maperfect ang gusto kong ugali ni Keymark at Yessa kaya tinigil ko na lang. Mahirap kasing pilitin ang isang bagay lalo na kung hindi mo talaga gamay isulat. 

I guess I need to research on crime and being a police first before writing this story. Para malapatan ko nang maayos na mga salita at emosyon na angkop sa genre na pinili ko. 

I’ll be writing it at the end of 2017. Kaya sa mga naghihintay, malayo pa ang hihintayin niyo. Kalma lang. Hoho

DBSK series [Stories #4]

I’ve been planning to write a DBSK fanfic since 2014 when I deleted ‘A Piece of Her’ on Wattpad. I really want a whole new world for my Dong Bang fam but yes, I am really busy that I have no time to write… up until now. 

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I love Yoochun… even if there’s a lot of accusation lately about him. I still support him though. 

Life has been so cruel to him and I know he’s been through a lot. I hope he’s fine now. 

I already have names for the guys but still looking for subjects for the lead girls. Again, anothr trivia, I always have a difficult time thinking about names and titles than writing the plots. Silly yes, but most of the time, I based my plots on songs and other people’s life stories. Hehe. So basically, it’s not always pure fiction. 

I am planning to write this series by end of 2017. If time… permits.