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Jeremy Video



“Old school media doesn’t like internet personalities because they’re scared of us,” said Pewdiepie.

This clip is a reaction video made by PewDiePie, something you guys should watch right now. This is about his reaction regarding the videos that has been done by medias to attack him, to discredit him because they are simply annoyed by his personality and they want to bring him down.

He believes that media is just doing this because they hate him so much because of his weird sense of humour and his jokes are way too off. He also mentioned he is sorry if his jokes are annoying but he still insists that they were not meant to harm anyone if it does. He understands that he made some jokes that people really don’t like and even acknowledge that people don’t want it and he believes that it’s still okay.

For his last message, he thanked his supporters and tell Wall Street Journal, “Nice try, Wall Street Journal. Try again, mthrfckr”


Trapped With You Series (?) [Stories #5]

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Sobrang daming nagtatanong kung gusto ko pa bang dugtungan ang Trapped With You. Laging tinatanong kung anong balak ko sa mga characters ko. Laging may nagtatanong kung hanggang dun na lang daw ba talaga ang Affaire de Honneur. 

Lagi ko ring sagot, “Opo. Hanggang dun na lang po.”

Honestly, two books lang talaga ang plano ko sa buhay ni Aaron at Kate. Pero itong post na ito ay hindi ibig sabihin na daragdagan ko ang libro. Gusto kong ayusin talaga kung gagawin ko bang isang libro lang o dalawa pa rin pero marami akong babaguhin. 

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Nasimulan ko na ang book 1 sa Wattpad at marami na akong nabago sa umpisa pa lang. As of now ay ongoing ang changes sa plot nito. Kung ano ang naging ending ay yun pa rin. May mga babaguhin lang ako sa bandang gitna pero sa mga nakabasa na, asahan niyong hindi magbabago ang pagka-morbid ko sa dulo. Mas lalo pang magiging morbid. Kung naiyak na kayo dati sa semi-jeje, sisikapin kong ayusin ang kwentong ito to a not jeje story na hindi naman sobrang formal na parang nagbabasa ka ng academic textbook sa sobrang formal.

Gusto ko lang tanggalin ang mga di na kailangan. Gusto ko lang dagdgan ang sakit na naramdaman niyo na. At gusto kong baguhin at pagandahin ang mundo nila.

Bigbang Series [Stories #3]

By the way, I am not a fan of Bigbang, but I listen to their songs. I don’t know if that make sense, but I just want to say I am not a VIP lol. Yes, I listen to any Kpop singer but I can’t really call myself as a multifandom supporter cos I really support SS501 and DBSK only.

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However, I have lots, lots of friends who are VIPs and they’re requesting a fanfic with the boys so yes, I think I will be writing one in the following months. I’ll start with TOP of course, then GD, DaeSung, TaeYang and SeungRi.

I just need to feel their vibe since I’m not really into hiphop music and I am running out of plots in mind. 

If you’re a VIP, would you love to be inside my fanfic? Yes? Why? 

Please let me know.

I have a friend who really loves TOP and another one who loves GD as well so I might pair them up. I’ll pair myself with Seungri cos yeah, I have a thing with rappers… and if anyone of you likes to be pair up with DaeSung or TaeYang, just send me a message. 

Yesterday series [Stories #6]

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I have been writing Yesterday’s plot since 2014, but until now, it’s not yet finished. Disappointing, eh? Ilang beses ko na in-unpublish ang kwentong ito at ilang beses ko nang binago ang POV pero lagi na lang akong tumitigil pag nasa gitna na ako at nawawalan ako ng gana. Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero madalas, nakakairita na. Kaya itinigil ko na lang at sa di ko na mabilang na pagkakataon ay in-unpublish ko ulit ang kwento.

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Wala akong magawa pero hindi ko talaga maperfect ang gusto kong ugali ni Keymark at Yessa kaya tinigil ko na lang. Mahirap kasing pilitin ang isang bagay lalo na kung hindi mo talaga gamay isulat. 

I guess I need to research on crime and being a police first before writing this story. Para malapatan ko nang maayos na mga salita at emosyon na angkop sa genre na pinili ko. 

I’ll be writing it at the end of 2017. Kaya sa mga naghihintay, malayo pa ang hihintayin niyo. Kalma lang. Hoho

DBSK series [Stories #4]

I’ve been planning to write a DBSK fanfic since 2014 when I deleted ‘A Piece of Her’ on Wattpad. I really want a whole new world for my Dong Bang fam but yes, I am really busy that I have no time to write… up until now. 

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I love Yoochun… even if there’s a lot of accusation lately about him. I still support him though. 

Life has been so cruel to him and I know he’s been through a lot. I hope he’s fine now. 

I already have names for the guys but still looking for subjects for the lead girls. Again, anothr trivia, I always have a difficult time thinking about names and titles than writing the plots. Silly yes, but most of the time, I based my plots on songs and other people’s life stories. Hehe. So basically, it’s not always pure fiction. 

I am planning to write this series by end of 2017. If time… permits.

SS501 Series [Stories #2]

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I am always going back to my first Kpop love ~ Kim Hyung Jun. Last Saturday, on the workshop, Ate Jen mentioned KPop and Fanfiction. I was planning recently to turn SS501’s fanfic to something like A Piece of Her (my prev fanfic for Hyung Jun and the gang) but I realized I won’t be able to print that one since that would be tagged as a plagiarized work because I don’t get permission from them to use their name. So… I decided I will write the plots I have in mind before about them as fanboys but with a different twist. I am planning to write this series on the third quarter of 2017. That would be around June.

So, if you’re a secret lover of KPop and SS501 I am sure you’ll love this one. Please stay tuned cos I’ll be updating this blog posts from time to time. 

Vera Series [Stories #1]

Note: I am having fun reading articles like this overnight lol

Someone asked me when I am going to finish all of my ongoing stories and honestly, I can’t answer that question coz I am sooo busy right now and I am currently working with a new major novel entitled Somber Lights.

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However, of course, like what the title says, there will be a series of stories that I am going to write under VERA’s. If you haven’t read Dying Hope yet, Vera is a band and there are 6 members. Luke (from Dying Hope), Myko, Yka, Alexa, Jazz, and Kiko. Since I have finished Dying Hope, I might write the remaining five stories for the band members by March next year (if time permits). 

I am really rooting for Myko’s story because yeah, the band has been checking on him and Alexa but of course, I am unpredictable. I can kill him with a dagger and leave Alexa weeping all day long lol, kidding. But yes, this is one of a kind series and this will evolve with music. So if you’re a music lover turned writer, this series is for you. You might wanna check on Dying Hope to see how morbid I am to my characters. 😂😉

Dying Hope Trivias [#2]

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I really hate deadlines. I don’t know why but I really get pressured everytime I set a deadline to myself. Maybe because I love to procrastinate and setting deadlines only worsen everything I am doing.

Originally, binigyan kami ni Nayin ng isang buwan para isulat ang mga nobela namin. 20k-30k words dapat. Nakakatuwa kasi mahigit dalawang linggo na ang nakakaraan pero wala pa rin akong matinong plot at kinakain na ako ng lupa dahil once in a blue moon lang ako makapagsulat sa computer dahil nang mga oras na yun, super baby pa ni Hailie at karga ko pa siya all the time. Partida, palagi pa akong puyat at nasa bahay lang ako. Wala akong ibang nakakahalubilong tao. 

Sobrang frustrated ko that time. Gusto kong makasulat ng isang nobela na kagaya ng Agape pero parang ayaw talaga makisama sakin ng tadhana. Sabi ko nung last week na lang, “Sige na. Bahala na.” Gumawa ako ng plot. Pero nakailang punit din ako. Hanggang sa tatlong araw na lang pero wala pa rin akong nagagawa. Sabi ko, wala na, suko na ko. 

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Pero sabi sakin ni Jem, “Meron kang masusulat. Kaya mo yan. Idol kita.” Sobrang natouch ako dahil dun. Kahit na sobrang busy niya sa trabaho, nagawa niya pa ring palakasin ang loob ko. 

I finished that novel within the last 48 hours kasama ang editing. Salamat sa extension! Nakaabot ako!

Sobrang proud ko lang nung natapos ko yun kasi nobela yun pero natapos ko sa loob ng dalawang araw lang.

Di ko na hinangad manalo noon. Ang goal ko that time, makatapos ng kwento at mapaiyak ko ang mambabasa ko.

Na-achieve ko naman sya kahit papano. Hihi

Kwentong ‘Gusto Ko Ba To?’

Note: I wrote this just because I remembered when I was writing for admission letters on college entrance exams. This is not based on real life, just pure fiction.

Matagal na akong naghihintay na dumating ang araw na ‘to. Ilang taon din akong nagpursigi para maging magaling lalo na sa paningin ng mga magulang ko. Ngayon pa ba ako susuko?

“Ano, ginawa mo ng snack yang reviewer mo, Ye. Hindi ka ba kakain man lang o magpapahinga?”

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Tiningnan ko lang ang kaibigan ko. Sampu lang kaming kukuha ng exam pero hindi sya kasama roon. Tuwang-tuwa pa nga sya kasi hindi naman daw niya pangarap mag-aral sa UP. Ako kasi, pangarap ko… at pangarap din ng mga magulang ko. Sabi pa nila sakin nung bata pa ako, “Kailangan mong makapasa sa UP. Dun, maganda ang kinabukasan mo.” Sabi pa nila, yung in demand na kurso raw ang kunin ko. Para in ako. Para di ako mangulelat lalo na sa mga trabaho. Pero minsan, natanong ko rin ang sarili ko. Ito nga ba ang gusto ko?

Ito nga ba ang gusto kong mangyari sa buhay ko? Ayoko ba talagang maging normal na teenager? Maging normal na estudyante? Gusto ko ba talaga to o pinapagod ko lang ang sarili ko?

Si Nonoy at ang kanyang Kwaderno

Note: I just made this piece for this article

Ilang araw nang walang tulog si Nonoy. Akala niya, hindi na itutuloy ng mga magulang niya ang paghihiwalay ng mga ito. Sino ba naman kasing matinong mga magulang ang maghihiwalay habang nakikitang nahihirapan ang mga anak nila?

Dalawa lang silang magkapatid at yung tatay niya, may babaeng iba. Mala-ika-6-na utos ng ang kwento ng pamilya nila. Ang kaibahan nga lang, hindi naman nerdy type ang mama niya at mas lalong hindi ito mataba gaya ni Emma.

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Pero sabi ng tatay niya, “Ayoko na sa’yo. May anak na kami ni Georgia.” Kung sino si Georgia, hindi niya alam. Ang kilala niya kasing Georgia, yung nanay ng kaibigan at kaklase niyang si Nicole.

Hawak ang bolpen at habang nakatitig sa papel niya, napaiyak siya. Hindi niya alam kung paano siya sasagot sa tanong na nasa papel niya.

“Ano ang gagawin mo kung papiliin ka ng mga magulang mo kung saan ka titira sakaling magkahiwalay na silang dalawa? Ang iyong sagot ay hindi dapat magkululang sa limang pangungusap at di hihigit sa sampung pangungusap.”

Ibinaling niya ang tingin kay Niple na ngayon ay patuloy pa rin ang pagsulat. Tiningnan niya ang bawat paggalaw ng kamay nito at pinilit niyang intindihin ang mga salitang isinulat nito. 

Bawat kurba ay ginagaya niya.

Bawat tuwid na linya at isinulat niya. 

Nang biglang may humablot sa kanyang papel at napatingala siya.