My Freelancing Journey [2]: Myths

“San ako magsisimula?” (Where should I start?)

“Pa-refer naman ako, ang swerte mo sa client mo, e.” (How lucky! Can you refer me?”

“May hiring ba sa inyo? Gusto ko na lang mag-freelance. Malaki pala kinikita mo d’yan, e.” (Is there any vacant position on your team? I wanna be a freelancer, too. I’m sure your earnings are stable and that will make you rich!)

At marami pang iba… pero ano nga ba ang katotohanan sa lahat ng ‘yan?

There are so many myths circulating through social media about freelancing. They often said that freelancing is an easy task or an easy job. Who would not love to be at home and just be in front of the computer for more than 4 hours or so and earn bucks? Of course, everyone would love to be a freelancer especially once they hear that most of the freelancers don’t pay taxes – yes, even if they should.